Better Communication = Team Synchronization

Clinical communication is the key to every successful medical procedure. Carrot Medical offers the C-Com Wireless Communication Platform for Interventional and Hybrid Labs. The C-Com Platform provides physicians – and clinical team members – with noise-cancelling wireless headsets to maintain focus, and the trust to proceed without distraction or miscommunication. According to The Joint Commission (2012), “Ineffective hand-off communication is recognized as a critical patient safety problem in health care; in fact, an estimated 80% of serious medical errors involve miscommunication between caregivers during the transfer of patients… In addition to causing patient harm, defective hand-offs can lead to delays in treatment, inappropriate treatment, and increased length of stay in the hospital.” As the undisputed leader in providing premier products, systems integration, and services to the Interventional and Hybrid Laboratory Market — Carrot Medical is pleased to offer a team-oriented solution for amplifying communication in mission critical medical environments. Carrot’s C-Com Platform ensures flawless audio fidelity and precise interaction among members of the medical team. All C-Com Systems come with simultaneous talkers and “frequency hopping” to prevent unwanted listeners for HIPAA compliance.