24 Carrot Support

Carrot Medical offers several customer centric Support Packages. As the undisputed leader in retrofitting Interventional / Hybrid Labs — Carrot Medical prides itself on strong customer service and has designed different support packages to fit customers’ particular needs. These customer relationships allowed Carrot to design packages such as 24 Carrot Support, 18 Carrot Support, 14 Carrot Support and 24 Carrot Preventative Maintenance Plus. The Carrot Support Team is unmatched in understanding the Interventional / Hybrid Lab environment and works closely with the Clinical and Biomedical Teams to meet or exceed expectations. “Carrot has done an excellent job meeting our specific needs with all of our upgrades and new installations,” said John Kahler, Biomedical Imaging Manager at New Hanover Regional Medical Center. “When we proposed configuration and install changes late in the install process it did not hinder Carrot from finishing on time and meeting our expectations. Flexibility was important to us on this project and cannot be taken for granted.”