C-Com®: Wireless Headset Communication System for Interventional / Hybrid Labs

According to the Joint Commission, “Ineffective hand-off communication is recognized as a critical patient safety problem in health care; in fact, an estimated 80% of serious medical errors involve miscommunication between caregivers during the transfer of patients… In addition to causing patient harm, defective hand-offs can lead to delays in treatment, inappropriate treatment, and increased length of stay in the hospital.” Carrot Medical is proud to offer a solution via the C-Com®: Wireless Communication Platform. The C-Com Platform provides the clinical team with unmatched features and capabilities within its (3) Systems: C-Com Lite, C-Com Pro, and C-Com Pro Elite. Between the (3) C-Com Systems, hospitals have the choice of up to (3) Years of Standard Warranty and (30) Wireless Headsets, each with up to (20) hours of battery life. “We have utilized this product as one of many trials in our Cath Lab/IR Suite. In comparison to its competitors, Carrot rated superior among the staff in regard to sound quality, customer service, and overall quality,” said Stacey Wright, RN and RCIS at Castle Rock Adventist Hospital. “You truly ‘get what you pay for.’ If clear communication is of value to your department, Carrot supersedes the rest.”


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