Increase Team Synchronization

The Interventional Team depends on accurate communication with one another during critical procedures in order to provide the highest quality patient care. Carrot Medical’s C-Com Platform is the perfect solution for precision audio, team unity, and clear communication. Hospitals that currently utilize Carrot’s industry leading C-Com System acknowledge a noticeable reduction in the procedure room’s ambient noise level as well. The C-Com Platform promotes teamwork and equality of expression that is essential in today’s demanding Interventional and Hybrid Labs. “Carrot Medical’s C-Com Wireless System has made our EP lab significantly quieter and calmer,” said P. Purves, Senior EP Technologist at the London Health Sciences Centre. “The physicians now have the ability to speak in a softer manner while still capturing everyone’s attention. Prior to its installation, I was a little skeptical as to how effective the system would be, but now consider it a ‘must-have’ for any lab. The C-Com Wireless System has made a significant improvement to our lab!” With (3) distinct product configurations — the C-Com Platform gives hospitals a choice that best suits their lab and that improve the entire collaboration of the clinical team, and ultimately improve patient care and safety.