The Quality Solution: C-View®

Carrot Medical – the leader in Retrofitting Interventional & Hybrid Labs with State-of-the-Art Audio, Visual and IT solutions – listens to the needs of its customers and helps solve fundamental issues within the lab.


Do the following issues resonate with you?

  • Too much glare on your large display?
  • Templates limiting physicians?
  • Image quality issues when scaled?
  • Restricted to (16) inputs and (8) simultaneous windows?


Carrot Medical offers the solution with the C-View Platform:

  • Built-In Protective & Anti-Reflective Glass
  • Unlimited Configuration Flexibility
  • Superior Image Quality with Ultra HD 4K
  • Up to (24) inputs and (12) simultaneous windows


The C-View Platform – C-View, C-View Pro, & C-View Pro S (embedded streaming!) – provides hospitals an economical choice to perform more advanced procedures in any interventional suite.


Tina Wolferd, Director of Cardiac Services, credits clinical workflow to C-View, stating, “On more difficult procedures, we’re saving an average of 60cc of contrast, or 20% per patient. On angiography, we are using 50% less. We’ve dramatically reduced fluoroscopy, because we can get the image we need without taking multiple pictures.”


Please contact the Carrot Team for more information.

Phone:  425.318.8089