Take Advantage of the Q4 Promotions for New Carrot Medical Products

Last month, Carrot Medical proudly announced several promotions ongoing through December 15, 2017. Among these promotions is Carrot Medical’s newest product release: The C-Com Pro Elite. The C-Com Pro Elite is perfect for educational environments and larger medical facilities, supporting up to (30) wireless HD headsets, and (8) wireless HD talk paths. “The C-Com Pro Elite platform was created based on customer feedback that they like to have additional talk paths,” said Walter Hermanowski, Carrot Medical Sr. Director of Service and Operations. “Over the last (2) years, Carrot Medical was able to create a platform that has the capability of having more talk paths, as well as a new high definition wireless headset. This new digital audio experience gives users better sound quality and reduced background noise resulting in a more efficient communication device. Customers will still see the same form factor and durability compared to the competition and will be backed by a three-year warranty.” Carrot Medical continues to develop new innovations to meet the needs of customers. The C-Com Pro Elite is a testament to this. Carrot Medical also strives to offer the best solutions, at the lowest costs. The Q4 Promotions and Incentives will help hospitals transform their labs at a competitive price point.


For more information on Q4 Promotions, please contact Carrot Medical.

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