Dr. Bezzerides’ Take On Improved Workflow

“The large format display with its inherent flexibility and multiple customizable settings has made it very easy for our staff to shift from one imaging task to another. The screen is very bright with excellent resolution making it much easier to see small signals such as those associated with accessory pathway potentials. As well the protective screen does not have any glare that is common with some similar type displays.


The headsets have become absolutely a necessity during our procedures. The audio quality is very good without any hissing or contamination of environment noises. However, it is the battery life of the headsets which is far superior to other brands and a very important factor in our long, complicated adult congenital cases.


The combination of large format screen and high-quality headsets has greatly improved our procedural workflow.”


Vassilios Bezzerides, MD, PhD at Boston Children’s Hospital in Boston, MA