Carrot Medical to Post Another Solid First Quarter

Carrot Medical is pleased to report a strong finish to Q1, 2018. Key financial metrics (Revenue, Gross Profit, EBITDA and Net Income) were all favorable. Comparing Q1, 2018 to Q1, 2017 — Revenue increased by 22%, gross profit grew by 14%, EBITDA improved by 19%, and net income increased by 38%. “For the 4th straight year, Carrot Medical has gotten out of the gate nicely in Q1 and significantly improved from the previous year first quarter,” said Jeremy Wiggins, Carrot Medical CEO. “Not only does Carrot continue to grow the top line, but the net income and EBITDA performance is outstanding. This is a testament to being the leader in the Interventional / Hybrid Retrofit space for over ten years now. The Carrot Team has streamlined the overall operations — while improving the technology — and these advancements are passed on directly to our customers and partners in the form of value-add innovation. Carrot Medical is ideally positioned for strong growth again this year.”