Technology and Business Operation

Carrot Medical’s technology and business operation was acquired from Boston based SmithCurl Communications. SmithCurl Communications was a 15-year leader in developing the market for audio communications systems in healthcare. Prior to becoming Carrot Medical, SmithCurl Communications initiated the development of Carrot Medical’s current C-View System. Carrot Medical now represents itself as a name and a brand that truly helps you “See Better” and has focused on creating products that integrate audio and visual data to optimize clinical performance.

Carrot Medical’s Management, R&D and Advisory teams combine decades of experience in medical imaging, medical electronics design and the practice of interventional medicine for a comprehensive perspective on what clinicians need to enhance their abilities to the fullest.

Carrot Medical Mission Statement

Our goal is to lead the healthcare marketplace in the integration, display and control of visual clinical data. Carrot Medical, with its healthcare and technology expertise, wishes to introduce the efficiencies achieved using advanced control interfaces into the patient care environment, increasing clinician efficiency and improving decision-making.