Carrot Medical is the top choice Support Team to provide hospitals and clinical staff with solutions to transform hospital rooms.

Equipment Relocation

Updating your labs and hospital rooms not only ensures proper educational environments, but guides clinical progress. Carrot Medical offers the necessary solutions to augment your clinical spaces and transform your clinical workflow.

Conference Rooms and Auditoriums

Our reliable systems, state-of-the-art displays, interactive capabilities, and clear audio provide physicians and healthcare professionals with the quality, trust, and confidence to participate, collaborate and leverage the knowledge and tools needed to improve patient care.

Retrofitting Options

The Carrot Support Team can accommodate any existing X-Ray system and retrofit your suspension systems.

We are retrofit experts for facilities that are looking to expand the life of their procedural suites without an extensive and expensive remodel. We offer the complete solution – from purchase and installations to customization, training and support.

Zero Downtime installation available*
Highly skilled installation service engineers
Multi-imaging modality integration
New functionality to an existing lab
Affordable procedural suite upgrade

*Zero Downtime installation is an available option where the Carrot Support Team starts the installation on a Friday and ends on Monday morning to significantly minimize the lab’s downtime and maximize the revenue potential for the lab.


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