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*New Support Packages from Carrot Medical*


24 Carrot Annual Support:

“Bumper to Bumper” coverage on your C-View/C-View Pro System. 24/7 technical support, on-site labor & travel included, H/W & S/W support, additional imaging modality support and an annual PM visit by a Carrot Field Operations Manager.

18 Carrot Annual Support:

“Bumper to Bumper” coverage on your C-View/C-View Pro System. 24/7 technical support, on-site labor & travel included, H/W & S/W support, as well as a collaborative partnership with your Biomedical Department to leverage available resources to reduce costs.

14 Carrot Annual Support:

Coverage on your C-View/C-View Pro Display. 24/7 technical support, on-site labor & travel included, and an annual PM visit for your display as well as your other Carrot Medical products as a preventive measure.

24 Carrot Preventive Maintenance Plus:

The minimum support package recommended to ensure your Carrot Medical products are performing to their fullest potential. On-Site Preventive Maintenance and Basic User Training performed by a Carrot Medical Field Operations Manager. C-View Platform equipment is tested, calibrated, cleaned and checked to determine if any components require replacement.  Training to include C-View Platform Basic User Education for physicians, staff and/or administrators. Includes all labor and travel.

Of course every Carrot Medical System comes with a comprehensive 1 Year-Warranty designed to give your clinical team the help they need using, and fully leveraging, the products and solutions.

Additional years of comprehensive coverage are available after the first year as described above.

Carrot Support: 866-492-3533


Carrot Medical only employs highly trained professionals dedicated to the proper installation of Carrot Medical products and ensuring their interfaces to your equipment.

Our team has an unmatched understanding of the clinical environment and works closely with your team to configure the system so you use it to its fullest potential.

What People Say About The Carrot Medical Support Team

The installation and integration of Carrot’s systems with the other technologies in the lab was flawless. The GE 4100 and the Veran IG4 have significantly enhanced our imaging and navigation capabilities, and Carrot’s solutions really pull it all together.

The C-View / C-View Pro System installation process can be quite complex. Whether it’s a new construction project, or especially a retrofit, our skilled Carrot Support Team will make the job seem easier than it is.

The C-Com System is designed to be easy to install. The Carrot Support Team will either install the system for you, or guide your team through the installation process to save you money.

The C-Suite System is set up, and configured, in close coordination between the Carrot Support Team and your biomedical, clinical, and IT professionals to ensure a smooth installation.

All Carrot Medical Platforms are supported through “Go Live” and first use so you are completely comfortable with the use and operation of the product.

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