Carrot’s Team is unparalleled in Customer-Centricity. The Support Team has 75+ years combined experience in clinical installation, retrofit, and video integration. Please review the comprehensive warranties Carrot Medical provides and choose the best option or your lab.


24 Carrot Annual Support

Full “bumper to bumper” coverage on your C-View Platform System.

Details | 24/7 technical support, on-site labor & travel included, H/W & S/W support, additional imaging modality support and an annual PM visit by a Carrot Field Operations Manager.


18 Carrot Annual Support

Affordable, collaborative approach to C-View Platform System support.

Details | 24/7 technical support, on-site labor & travel included, H/W & S/W support, as well as a collaborative partnership with your Biomedical Department to leverage available resources to reduce costs.


14 Carrot Annual Support

Protection of a vital part of the C-View investment (display coverage only).

Details | 24/7 technical support, on-site labor & travel included, and an annual PM visit for your display as well as your other Carrot Medical products as a preventive measure.


24 Carrot Preventive Maintenance Plus

The minimum support package recommended to ensure your Carrot Medical products are performing to their fullest potential.


Details | On-Site Preventive Maintenance and Basic User Training performed by a Carrot Medical Field Operations Manager. C-View Platform equipment is tested, calibrated, cleaned and checked to determine if any components require replacement.  Training to include C-View Platform Basic User Education for physicians, staff and/or administrators. Includes all labor and travel.


Carrot Medical offers unmatched warranties.

Every Carrot Medical System comes with a comprehensive 1 Year-Warranty designed to give your clinical team the help they need using, and fully leveraging, the products and solutions.

Additional years of comprehensive coverage are available after the first year as described above.


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What People Say About The Carrot Medical Support Team

Carrot has done an excellent job meeting our specific needs with all of our upgrades and new installations. When we proposed configuration and install changes late in the install process it did not hinder Carrot from finishing on time and meeting our expectations. Flexibility was important to us on this project and cannot be taken for granted.

John Kahler
Biomedical Imaging Manager
New Hanover Regional Medical Center
Wilmington, NC, United States

What can I say to a company that did exactly what they said they were gonna do!! Carrot Medical saved the day! The docs are loving it!

Jocelyn A. Dawes, RN
Manager Cath Lab & EP, Cardiovascular Services
Sentara Heart Hospital
Norfolk, VA, United States