C-Suite® 2.0

C-Suite is a comprehensive educational hardware & software package that allows C-View users to stream and record live procedures. C-Suite is also an elegant review package that allows the user to view the data on a PC or MAC using any browser. The new C-Suite Enterprise Module lets you add additional rooms in your institution seamlessly.   Ask us about our financing options.


C-Suite 2

Captures Video Resolutions up to 1900 x 1200

On-Demand Record, Review and Publishing

Real-Time Clinical Training in HD


Secure End-To-End Solution (HIPAA)

Encrypted H.264 Video Streams

Compatible with the C-View Pro System

C-Suite 1


No IT Upgrade Required

No Player Installation Required

No End-User Licenses Required


What People Say About The Carrot C-Suite Platform:

“C-Suite is a very powerful system for reviewing images, improving procedures and for education.”

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