As more medical facilities look to upgrade their existing interventional suites, many are advancing from multiple modality monitors to a single large medical grade display, enabling enhanced visualization and data synchronization.

A single large medical grade display allows for greater control, reduced clutter and expands clinical capabilities; making multiple CRT/LCD displays a thing of the past.

The C-View® Platform is an economical choice that enables the interventional suite to utilize video integration from multiple modality inputs. This is achieved with a large single 58″ medical grade LCD display that is four times sharper than standard high-definition monitors. The advanced 3840 x 2160 panel has substantially more scanning lines than conventional HD monitors for ultra-clear detail.  Ask us about our Financing options.

C-View: Transform Your Lab
  • Integrate images from multiple sources. (VGA, DVI, coaxial, light or room cameras, etc.)
  • Display up to (8) images simultaneously, and expand any image to fill the entire 58″ display.
  • Use preset configurations to display specified windows for optimal size and orientation.
  • Add, remove, re-position and re-size windows as priorities change during the procedure.
  • Seamlessly integrate your existing x-ray and other modalities, regardless of manufacturer.
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What People Say About Carrot Medical Systems

Pictured: Dr. Charles Nutting, D.O., FSIR (Interventional Radiologist), of Sky Ridge Medical Center, says The C-View® System “significantly improves efficiency and accuracy.”

I used to have to go into another room to look at the patient's CAT scan. Now, I have immediate access to patient images from prior studies right in front of me on the Carrot display. It significantly improves efficiency and accuracy.

The system keeps me in the procedure suite with the patient vs. running back and forth between the room and the control room. If I need information, I can have what I want on the screen instantly.

We have seen all kinds of data integration over the past decade, from PACS, HIS, RIS, etc. All the while, so many more sources of information are available. 3D Mapping systems, IVUS, ICE, Ultrasound, etc. PACS can tie the data into one place retrospectively, however, this is the first system that collects all the visual information and gives it to me in the way I want to see it, real time.

It is very helpful to not have to look at a 19” monitor 6 feet away from where I stand during a case. The simple fact is that the C-View Display is beautiful and I can have any source as large as I want it. It helps me see better.

I like the flexibility to arrange the screen the way I want. Every case is different and I can change things around the way I want every time. It is great!