C-View Pro enables clinicians to see everything, where and when needed, with real-time medical systems integration and management of up to 12 windows, from multiple modalities.

Leverage the C-View Pro to perform more advanced procedures, in any interventional suite. Add the power of C-Suite,® to record and stream procedures for training, or to simply review archived cases in the future. Ask us about our financing options.

C-View Pro: Synchronized Data. Time Stamped.
  • Synchronize & Time Stamp data from multiple sources. (VGA, DVI, coaxial, room cameras, etc.)
  • Display up to (12) windows simultaneously, and expand any window to fill the entire 58″ display
  • Use preset configurations to display specified windows for optimal size and orientation
  • Add, remove, re-position and re-size windows as priorities change during the procedure
  • Dell Ultra Sharp 32” preview display
  • Anti-reflective/protective glass
  • C-View Pro Bridge (C-Suite ready for recording and streaming)
  • Extensible platform for future technology growth
  • Seamlessly integrate your existing x-ray and other modalities, regardless of manufacturer
  • C-View Pro Brochure
  • C-View Brochure

What People Say About Carrot Medical Systems

There are advanced new procedures currently in trial all over the world that we’ll be able to perform here.

Carrot's solution gives us the capabilities we wanted now and the flexibility we need going forward. There are advanced new procedures currently in trial all over the world that we’ll be able to perform here.

Dawn Jackson
Director of Perioperative Services
San Jacinto Methodist Hospital

On more difficult procedures, we’re saving an average of 60cc of contrast, or 20% per patient. On angiography, we are using 50% less. We’ve dramatically reduced fluoroscopy, because we can get the image we need without taking multiple pictures.

Tina Wolferd
Director of Cardiac Services
Fountain Valley Regional Hospital and Medical Center

C-Suite is a very powerful system for reviewing images, improving procedures and for education.

Charles Nutting, D.O., FSIR
Interventional Radiologist
Sky Ridge Medical Center