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    Carrot Medical now represents itself as a name, and the brand, that truly helps you “See Better” and has focused on creating products that integrate audio and visual data to optimize clinical performance.

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Clearly Superior: Carrot Medical | Learn about our products and solutions
Carrot Complete Solutions

Carrot Medical's Value Proposition:

To optimize the quantity and quality of information available to clinical teams.

Download the Carrot Medical Complete Solutions Brochure (PDF).

 CLINICAL: C-View/C-View Pro »


The C-View Platform replaces multiple low resolution monitors with a single 58″ Ultra HD Display that is 4 times the resolution. The C-View Pro System does all of that while also synchronizing and time stamping the clinical data and also allows you to record, stream, review and archive your cases via the C-Suite Platform.

 WORKFLOW:                     C-Com »


Compared to conventional wired audio systems – that include central microphones and overhead speakers – C-Com dramatically reduces distraction while enhancing patient comfort and synchronizing clinical team member activities. All with industry leading 3-Year Warranty for unmatched favorable cost of ownership.

 EDUCATION:                    C-Suite 2.0 »


C-Suite is an off-line Recording, Streaming, Archiving and Review package. Its simple operation, HD image quality, and advanced security features makes it an unmatched solution. The new C-Suite 2.0 Release has expanded functionality for the most discriminating lab that needs a tool for collaboration and education.

      Industry Leading Zero Downtime Retrofits

Only one team could pull off a weekend retrofit:  Carrot Medical

We left our lab in the hands of Carrot Medical’s technical team on Friday evening. On Monday morning* we witnessed the result; a complete transformation into the modern era of display and data integration.

Kalyanam Shivkumar, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Medicine and Radiology
Director, UCLA Cardiac Arrhythmia Center & EP Programs


*(48) hours is not a typical installation