The Problem

Today’s modern procedure suite is becoming a home for an increasingly complex array of disparate high-tech imaging and data sources. From multiple-monitor fluoroscopy equipment to multi-screen 3-D workstations, mapping systems, Ultrasound, IVUS, ICE and many more, clinicians are fortunate and challenged at the same time, as recent advancements provide them with access to technology never before possible. While many companies have worked tirelessly to retrospectively integrate the terabytes of data at a cost of billions of dollars, very little effort and research has been spent to address the overwhelming and seemingly endless supply of real time asynchronous imaging sources. Until now!

The Carrot Medical Solution

The Carrot C-View® Platform allows for real time image synchronization – and time stamping – along with the ability for the clinician to completely customize which image sources are captured, and in which location each individual modality is displayed. This Information can be organized and presented to best suit the immediate and critical need of the current clinical situation. When a preset is selected, images are reprioritized and the new layout is completed and displayed within milliseconds. The display of information, as the case conditions change, is designed by individual need and not limited to pre-determined templates. The visual clinical data can be augmented with audio commentary (C-Com® Platform) and easily distributed and ultimately stored via the C-Suite® (Recording & Streaming) Platform.